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Cancellation Policy / Refunds

CeleBreak Policy about cancelling spots in games and refunds of game credits.

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At CeleBreak, we want your football experience to be a blast! Here are some simple rules to make sure things go smoothly:

Canceling Your Spot

Life can be unpredictable, and we get that! 😅 To get a full automatic refund of your game credits to your app account, just make sure to cancel your spot at least 15 hours before the game's starting time. The best part? These credits never expire, so you can use them for any other game whenever you're ready to hit the field.

Late Cancellations

We're all about keeping the games exciting and full! If you can't make it and cancel your spot less than 15 hours before the game, unfortunately, you'll lose your credits, and a refund won't be possible. We do this to ensure that our games stay packed with players and avoid last-minute cancellations, giving everyone the best possible experience! ⚽🤝

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