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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and useful information about our community, games, and policies.

How does CeleBreak work?General information about CeleBreak games.
What level are the games?Skill level of the different games we organize.
When and Where We PlayLocations, days, and times where games are played.
What types of games do we organize?Information about the different style of games that CeleBreak organizes.
CeleBreak Training Sessions
Are football boots/cleats required?Footwear players can use to play in CeleBreak games.
Do I need to have a certain colored shirt or bring any equipment?
How to Invite Friends to PlayHow to invite friends to game in the app, or request a private match for your group.
Do you organize Women's games?When and where to find CeleBreak Women's games in your city.
Are there Co-ed/ Mixed games?Information about the different types of games we organize.
Are games recorded?Match recordings, where they take place, and how to access the content.
What is included in the price?
How long are the games?Duration of the matches CeleBreak organizes.
Can I change the email address registered to my account?Modifying / changing the email address registered to players' accounts once already created.
How are the teams made?How teams are setup before kickoff once players arrive at the field for their games.
How do the "subs" work in "5v5 +2" games?Information about how the number assignment and "SUBS" rotations works in CeleBreak games.
"Advanced" vs. "Regular" GamesThe difference in level of play that can be expected in the different types of games we organize.
What happens after I book a game?What players can expect after they've joined a game through the app.
How to join games through the appInstructions on how to join games through app and play football.
Step-by-Step Guide: Changing Your Profile PictureLearn how to easily update your profile picture in our app. Follow our simple guide for a fresh new look!